Bournemouth University - NCCA

The Brief

I was approached whilst at university to build a stand-alone website for the world renown National Centre for Computer Animation at Bournemouth University. Although they already had web pages built within the main university structure, they wished to have a site that attracted the best students from around the globe, showcased their current student’s work and displayed their extensive research programmes and animation resources. This was a monumental task and by far the greatest challenge I had faced until then. After researching into the direction the animation field was moving, together with meetings from a host of animators, we set a deadline of 3 months.

The Result

I produced a modern, responsive website, with colours and elements drawing upon the departments branding. I produced a series of navigation and filter systems to provide quick and efficient access for visitors wishing to navigate through the thousands of pages of research, student work, and animation resources. The feedback was great and I gained praise from the university, the lecturers, and the students alike.

Services Provided

Website Design, Website Development, Content Management